Get more out of life with a Loft Garage

More Space, Less Hassle, Real Value.


We’ve all had the experience of wanting more space in our lives. Either the family has expanded and you need more room, you need to look after extended family, or you're sick of renting and looking for a way to get into the property market. Perhaps you simply want a space for some solitude, or you’re looking to set up a new workspace. You may even want to create a simple bach or crib.

Regardless of the reason, creating new space for work or play is often frustrating and expensive.

Not so with Loft Garages. We create additional environments for work, play, relaxation or a combination through clever design and a fast, proven approach. Our design options offer the flexibility to create a solution to meet your needs and budget.

Creating extra space needn’t be a hassle. Get a great solution that works for you with a Loft Garage. Have a look at our Uses and Range then check out Next Steps to start the process toward your brand new space.